We have three different courses to choose from at MAP Academy, beginning from ages 7 all the way to 25. All courses come with the possibility to progress to the next level of the MAP ladder, below is some information on the courses we offer.

We currently run MAP courses in Margate, Canterbury & Whitstable

MAP Junior

(Ages 7-10 – All Welcome)

  • Find the right instrument for you
  • Explore a broad range of music areas
  • Build self confidence and social skills
  • Work in a team towards performances
  • MAP tutors are friendly and advanced DBS checked
  • Progression opportunities to MAP Silver

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MAP Silver

(Ages 11-15)

  • Find like-­minded people to form bands
  • Work in an authentic music environment
  • Develop as a performance musician
  • Express yourself as an artist
  • Must play an instrument or sing
  • MAP tutors are friendly and ​a​dvanced​ D​BS checked

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MAP Platinum

(Ages 18-24 – Invite Only)

  • Two year part ­time programme
  • Assigned Individual Plan
  • Career development
  • Development of original music and original artists
  • Enrolment to MAP Agency
  • Exciting Industry opportunities

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